Movement & Strengthening

mindful fitness training

Consistent with his therapeutic approach to massage, Jeff Golden offers movement and strength training with an emphasis on total spirit/mind/body well being. His expertise is rooted in martial arts and gentle, mindful movement. Jeff works one-on-one with clients at an indoor or outdoor location of their choosing; he also provides workshops for corporate and organizational groups.


Qi Gong Movement Therapy in Raleigh

A typical Qi Gong session combines slow, deliberate movement in standing and balancing poses with meditation and breathing exercises. Qi Gong provides excellent fitness benefits – helping restore balance, correct alignment, increase circulation, improve muscle control, and increase energy.

Kantan Martial Arts (Self Defense) in Raleigh

Jeff teaches Kantan martial arts, blending multiple self defense styles including Ch’uan Fa, Tae Kyon, Jujutsu and Bujutsu. He approaches the art in “the natural way.” His philosophy is about awareness and protection of oneself, rather than fear of and combat with another person. This discipline teaches skills to reduce fear and increase confidence. Students will learn to strike any object without injuring themselves, move into the unknown with physical and emotional awareness, decrease stress, and rebound with resiliency.

Pilates Training in Raleigh

A practice developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, Pilates has come into the mainstream of American fitness. Jeff Golden is a certified Pilates instructor who teaches “mat Pilates” in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle. He focuses on helping his clients improve core strength, spinal flexibility, balance, and hip and shoulder stabilization.

Mindful fitness training in Raleigh NC

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